ANNOUNCEMENT:  Before I managed to escape from the Krell-like monsters, I discovered the enemy's hate-list repository.  In going through the files I discovered some interesting photographs and spiritual paintings.  I must confess that I do not know what the Krell mean by "Spiritual Paintings".  I nevertheless reproduce here some of my discoveries.
Harry Smith
Harry Smith


Question:  Harry Smith originally planned to issue three volumes of his Anthology of American Folk Music.

                                                                True or False?

The correct answer is False.  In the original notes to Smith's AAFM's Smith says "volumes four, five and six of this series will be devoted to examples of rhythm changes between 1890 and 1950."

Revenant Records received the rights to issue Vol 4 of the AAFM from Rani Singh, Harry Smith's heir.

Rather than list the contents of Vol 4 in its entirety we will occasionally mention the pieces which are on Vol 4.

For example:  Memphis Jug Band:  Memphis Shakedown, Okeh Record #(will be announced)

Smith never got around to writing the notes for Vol 4 so guess who's going to do it?  Me.  Too bad for you (I may use some assistance).

We are not certain whether Harry actually made a list for Vols 5 and 6.  As soon as we know I will tell you.

Now...some responses to the Visitor Forum:

I notice that many of you in your letters and responses do not distinguish between statements of fact and statements of metaphor on one hand, and statements of prefiguration and statements of fulfillment on the other hand, not to mention unmade distinctions between so-called prophesy and reasonable speculation.  Therefore I wish to request that in the future each of you specifiy which type of statement you are making if that type is not made clear in the context, because a great deal of confusion has resulted from your laxity in these regards.

Everything else is perfectly clear.

I should I mention before we begin, that by mutual agreement, Sam Charters and I do not talk about each other.

To proceed, please allow me to make some comments on matters pertaining to your various discussions.

In a larger sense Knoxville Blues is Mark 1:15 just as Mark 1:15 is West Coast Blues is John Henry II is Sibelius' 4th Symphony.  The question is when I say "is" in the preceding question, am I using the "is" of identity, or am I using the "is" of predication or the "is" of prefiguration, or "is" it possible that my sentence simply does not make any sense?  This is a teaser for you for now which I will answer in the coming volumes of this column.

I suggest in the meantime that you study Language Truth and Logic by A.J. Ayer and Appearance and Reality by F.H. Bradley pp Vol 37, 652-13,956.

If we are to enter the realm of information rather than disinformation or misinformation we soon will find that we do not even know who "we" are anymore.  This would indicate a certain amount of Bad Faith and nihilism on the part of the correspondents.

Let me therefore encourage discussion of APPARENT trivia.

Allow me to explain why.  First through a story which a friend named Dan Lissy told me.

When I first met Lissy, he pointed out to me that I was obviously a Lumarian and not an Atlantian.

"What the fuck are you taking about, Lissy, have you lost your mind?

No, no he replied.  Listen, John, originally there were two races.  Those who live on the Island of Lumeria and those who lived on the island of Atlantis.

"What the fuck's the matter with you, Lissy?  We've all heard that shit before.  Furthermore, how can you tell that I am a reincarnation of a Lumerian?"

"Oh, that's easy.  All Lumerians had five letters in their surnames and all Atlantians had six letters in their surnames.  Moreover, the numbers five and six frequently occur in the numbers on their license plates, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and so forth.  You see, he went on, the universal cosmic spirit who gave the fives and sixes to the preborn spirits make certain that these two numbers are continuously brought up to date in each incarnation."

"Oh, I see", I said, not seeing.

Rani Singh

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