Excerpt from a book called "It Came from Memphis: The Unturned Roots of Rock and Roll" by Robert Gordon (1995). The interviewee is one John McIntyre, proprietor of a folk club in Memphis called The Bitter Lemon. He's recalling some crazy sixties anecdotes.

"These two guys were in the audience. I didn't know who they were. They were writing and talking to each other real loud...One of 'em picks up a guitar I had lying around and starts strumming it. I said 'You guys can play?'

He said 'You want us to play something for you?'

They started playing and nobody could believe it.
They played this open-tuned blues guitar, and they went into their act. John Fahey was Blind Joe Death. He wore dark glasses and Bill Barth would lead him onstage and they would play together. When he was done he took his glasses off and sat back in the audience."

Bill Barth and John Fahey

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