Another NYC REVIEW  by Jim Linderman

I was lucky to see the John Fahey show at Tonic in the East Village in the
afternoon.  As I am trying to teach myself guitar and only know three chords

and don't even know the names of them...I can't really review the technical

aspects of the show (which was mesmerizing).  It was a nice, bright, small

club and I thought a very special place to see Fahey.  It filled up as the

opening act was finishing.  I'd never seen Fahey before and my first thought

as he walked on the stage in shorts, black tee, grey work socks and boots was

"this is one cool dude and he sure isn't to be messed with"  He's playing

electric, but seems to be primitive electric...just a small amp, not much

electric tinkering or treatment.

I must confess I was there to see the fellow who knocked around and tracked
down Charley Patton's ghost, Booker White and Skip James more than I was to

see the Guitar Player...but his playing was wonderful, fluid, long songs that

were more of a mood than a number.    Lots of circles and traces and thought.

Recognizable phrases appear and float away, it was a very introspective and a

relaxing afternoon.  He couldn't talk much, his throat was shot but he

croaked out a few gruff comments which warmed as the show progressed.  It was

a privilege to see him in such an intimate place. -  thanks to Jim Linderman

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