"All by John Fahey, the reigning monarch of "American primitive guitar"..

from the promo for
the Guitar Player book
'The Best of John Fahey'

Album Art

1977 Takoma 1058
CD reissue 2002

From the CD issue
Sunflower River Blues
[3:19] (1967)

St. Louis Blues
[3:16] (1967)

Poor Boy Long Ways From Home
[2:24] (1967)

When The Springtime Comes Again
[4:51] (1967)

Some Summer Day
[3:25] (1967)

Spanish Dance
[2:05] (1967)

Take A Look at That Baby
[1:24] (1967)

I'm Goin' To Do All I Can for My Lord
[1:23] (1967)

The Last Steam Engine Train
[2:15] (1967)

In Christ There Is No East or West
[2:44] (1967)

Give Me Cornbread When I'm Hungry
[3:09] (1967)

Dance of the Inhabitants of the Palace of King Phillip XIV of Spain
[3:16] (1977 - rerecorded for this album)

Revolt of the Dyke Brigade
[3:00] (1974)

On the Sunny Side of the Ocean
[3:51] (1974)

Spanish Two-Step
[2:12] (1977 - rerecorded for this album)

The reissue adds three tracks; America, Fare Forward Voyagers, Desperate Man Blues

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