Days Have Gone By

Only by the commandeering of such superior and ultra-modern stuff was it possible at all to capture the inner and outer essences and superficialities of that man' s MUSIC . (Presumably DPB is referring to the mastering job done by Sierra Sound Studios.) As Henry Miller has said, "a little too much light, a little too much energy. . . . . . and one is rendered unfit for human society." So it goes, sometimes, with our boy. But only sometimes.
   ...D. P. Banjoeawiz

Notes on the Songs

Original Liner Notes

Album Art


The Portland Cement Factory

Recorded in Los Angeles & Sierra Sound Laboratories, Berkeley, CA 1967

The Revolt Of The Dyke Brigade

Impressions Of Susan

Joe Kirby Blues real audio

Night Train Of Valhalla real audio

The Portland Cement Factory At Monolith California real audio

A Raga Called Pat - Part One

A Raga Called Pat - Part Two
My Shepherd Will Supply My Needs

My Grandfather's Clock

Days Have Gone By
We Would Be Building

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