JOHN FAHEY Visits Washington, D.C.

Silver Bell/Cheyenne
JF: “I can’t explain why I wanted to put those two songs together except that I think they work real good. Richard Ruskin plays on this. Silver Bell was a big hit for Doc Watson & His Border Riders, from Wheeling, West Virginia. A DJ in Arlington, Virginia, used it for his theme song, and I heard it every day. Cheyenne is from Bill Monroe. Standard tuning.”
Another famous version of Silver Bells (That Ring in the Night) is by Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys.
Death by Reputation
By Leo Kottke, from his self-titled 1977 album.
The Discovery of the Sylvia Scott
A retitled new version of Vol 5’s Old Southern Medley.
Guitar Lamento
Bola Sete’s original version is on Ocean, his Fahey-produced solo issued by Takoma (which every Fahey fan ought to have).
Melody McBad
Reworking of the unreleased Elder-Z-Travels from 1977.
The Grand Finale
Reworking of Dalhart, Texas, 1967 (on America)