John Fahey Trio Vol. One

Jazzoo Records
Originally issued as
One Hit Records 0002
John Fahey - guitar
Tim Knight - organ, bass, guitar
Rob Scrivner - guitar, guitar, guitar

Notes on the Songs

"Judge us not on how weird we are,
but on how weird the world we live in is."

John - guitar and EFX

John - 7 string guitar,
Tim - bells and seagulls
Rob - guitar and EFX
Things Fall Apart
John - guitar, Tim - bass, Rob - guitar

Hitomi Cries   real audio
John - acoustic guitar, Tim - EFX and horn

The Center Will Not Hold
John Fahey - organ, Tim - melowbar, Rob - guitar

John, Tim, Rob - guitar

Oregon Capitol Inn
John - guitar/story, Tim - organ, Rob - guitar

A Drunken Tale to Hide
John - guitar, Tim - piano, Rob - EFX

Like Being Reborn Again
John - guitar synthesizer, Tim - EFX

Final Song Live
John - 7 string guitar, Rob - guitar, Tim - keyboards, John Flaming - alto sax
Tina In The Rain
John & Rob - guitar, Tim - organ

Red Cross