Note: all tracks are duets with Terry Robb except 4 and 8

Let Go
JF: This is a literal translation of Baden Powell’s composition Canto de Ossanha.
Note the major blunder on the reverse sleeve of the vinyl edition where the phrase Lost Lake (as in “Lost Lake Arts”, a record label) is printed in bold type as if it’s another track.
Black Mommy
JF: I learned this from the Bola Sete record mentioned above (Takoma c-1049). I know nothing of its origin. This is an excellent example of Bola’s non-generic, i.e. universal music. To make the song even more non-specific, I added some Charley Patton licks in the middle.
Dvorak JF: Our arrangement of two themes from Dvorak’s 8th and 9th Symphonies.
Versions of a piece originally recorded for America (1971) but not issued in that form until 1998.
The World is Waiting for the Sunrise
JF: My mother taught me this song as an infant and I have always been quite fond of it.
This is an old 1940s tune made popular by Les Paul and Mary Ford, and also Merle Travis, who, as always, shows us a clean pair of heels.
River Medley
JF: I recorded this previously on Reprise MS 2089, Of Rivers and Religion but the present version is superior primarily because of Mr. Robb’s excellent slide playing.
Lights Out
JF: In an effort to obtain more airplay, we wrote this song and gave it its title in honor of the late night KINK (Portland, OR) radio show of the same name to which we both listen frequently and are great admirers of, but send money.
Pretty Afternoon
JF: Bola Sete wrote this and recorded it with full orchestra and chorus on Columbia KC 32375, Goin’ to Rio (out of print).
This is our choice as the winner in the category “Best tune with the worst lyrics”. Here they are – be glad Fahey was an instrumentalist:
It’s fun to go to Sausalito on a pretty Sunday afternoon
To see the kids in their blue jeans
Who ask you if you have any spare change
See all the hippies stop by at the No Name to have a drink
At six o’clock they all must split
Go to the Trident to have dinner
It’s been another pretty Sunday afternoon
Thanks Bola. Don’t call us. We’ll call you.
Sunset on Prince George’s County
JF: The tune encapsulates House of the Rising Sun, and suggests withheld, barely suppressed anger, expressed of a serene blues, like many of Van Gogh’s paintings.
Versions of a piece originally recorded for America (1971) but not issued in that form until 1998.
Composers: Eric Clapton and Jim Gordon
JF: Talk about ambition, Chutzpah - that’s us.
Old Country Rock
JF: A concession to the Volk Societies.
From William Moore (the guitarist not the song).