Red Cross

Maybe City of Refuge isn’t such a lousy album, all things considered.
- Glenn Jones

An album of retitled songs, as follows:

1925 composition by Irving Berlin. Jerome Kern famously said that "Irving Berlin has no place in American music—he is American music.” We say the same about Fahey.
Note: from a 1977 recording which was then called Melody Brennan, part of which was recycled as Melody McBad on Washington DC. Note typical Fahey boombox cassette tape ugly edit a few seconds in.
Charley Bradley's Ten-Sixty-Six Blues
Note: also from the 1977 recording of Melody Brennan
Tina in the Rain
Note : from “Good Luck”, the privately released cd by the John Fahey Trio
Untitled hidden track
Note : an inconsequential two minutes after 24 minutes of silence.

Dean Blackwood has commented:

"These recordings were all made during the last 6 months-to-a-year of John's life, with the possible exception of the Trio cut (last proper cut on the record--Untitled w/Rain). John made the selections. I made some edits, is all. The whole Red Cross thing was his concept."

The IFC says:

We hold Mr Blackwood in the highest esteem we have to respectfully disagree with his characterisation of Red Cross, as the reader will have inferred from our notes on tracks 4 and 6. Even if we had not had the benefit of hearing the unreleased 1977 sessions, our ears would have picked out those songs as sounding completely different from the other stuff; but since we did, we could swiftly locate the sections Fahey extracted. Once again we call for the full release of these 1977 sessions, which are sublime.