I quickly found that I can temper the guitar as I like. I can play my own tunings. I can do whatever I like with it. I am quite free with my guitar. But I am not free of it. For some remunerative neck-strap has strung me to it. I myself am no freer that one of the strings on it. And in what does that freedom consist but to be tuned up and down - or to break. But a broken string is thrown away even if it was "dead" before, being no longer of any use to anyone at all. No not that.   ...from the liner notes.

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Hollywood Sound Recorders 1967
Special Effects by John Fahey, Sam Charters and Barry Hansen

Requiem For John Hurt real audio

Requiem For Russell Blaine Cooper

When The Catfish Is In Bloom real audio

Requiem For Molly, Part 1

Requiem For Molly, Part 2

Requiem For Molly, Part 3

Requiem For Molly, Part 4

Fight On Christians, Fight On

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