Henry Kaiser in his notes to Best of JF Vol 2 says : “According to Fahey aficionado and friend George Winston, Fahey once told him that a track or two are actually studio recordings with Tasmanian applause added.”

An album of retitled songs, as follows:

Tasmanian Two-Step
Hawaiian Two-Step (After the Ball)
A medley of Lion and How Long (The Yellow Princess & Dance of Death)
The Approaching of the Disco Void
Not so much a retitling as a development of the original Wine and Roses (aka The Red Pony) into a new and thrilling piece.
JF “A good piece, but I don’t play this anymore. I don’t know how you write a song that you later find is too frightening to play, but I did. I don’t like to hear it, it’s scary. Open D minor tuning, D-A-D-F-A-D.”
Some Fahey scholars suggest this track may not, actually, be Fahey at all.
The Return of the Tasmanian Tiger
The Revolt of the Dyke Brigade (Days Have Gone By)
Steamboat Gwine Round de Bend
We believe this to be one of the fake (studio) tracks.
Indian-Pacific R R Blues
Beverley (After the Ball)