Prior to his discovery in 1958 by a Takoma research team Fahey had played as a guitarist for a bluegrass band; often appearing with Bill Hancock and Greg Eldridge, but no recordings are known from this period. Sometime in 1956 he was smote to the ground by a bolt of lightning. Upon awakening he heard Blind Willie Johnson singing and from that time onward he ceased playing hillbilly and concentrated upon blues. His first recordings were made under somewhat mysterious circumstances for the Fonotone company - a pioneer in the folkfield.
- (Elijah P. Lovejoy)

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This record was recorded by Gene Rosenthal
of Adelphi Studios, in Silver Spring, Md. on an
Ampex Studio Tape Transport 400, using Electrovoice
676 and 664 cardiod dynamic microphones.
It was produced by ED Denson, Takoma Records.
Cover design by Berkeley Free Press
Mastering by Sierra Sound Studios,
pressing by Fidelatone Mfg. Co.

¤ DDD 22

Fahey's Recording Notes
Wine and Roses

How Long

On The Banks Of The Owchita Real Audio

Worried Blues

What The Sun Said

Revelations On The Banks Of The Pawtuxent Real Audio

Poor Boy Real Audio

Variations On The Coocoo Real Audio

The Last Steam Engine Train
[2:14] 1964

Give Me Corn Bread When I'm Hungry Real Audio
[3:08] 1964

Dance Of Death




The Siege of Sevastopol

Steel Guitar Rag

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