Recordings from this period are perhaps best characterised by these immortal lines, sung in Blind Thomas Blues (part 1), to the tune of Poor Boy:
"Here comes Paul Tillich,
he's got the blues
Here comes Jean-Paul Sartre,
he's got the blues too."

Notes on the Songs

Fahey's Notes

Album Art

Fonotone Records, Frederick, Md..

(DDD 1- 3)
(derived from the notes to The Dance of Death and Other Plantation Favorites
Fonotone Issue # in [ ]
(titles marked * are cared for by Chris Downes, Sydney, Australia)

Takoma Park Pool Hall Blues
The Transcendental Waterfall

Buck Dancer's Choice
Barbara Namkin Blues

St. Louis Blues
On Doing An Evil Deed Blues

In Christ There is no East or West
Stak o' Lee Blues

If You Haven't Any Hay
CC Rider
[not issued]

Mississippi Boweavil Blues
Green River Blues

Over the Hill Blues
Labbas Rag

Pat Sullivan Blues
Chris's Rag

As Blind Thomas:
(DDD 6 - 9)

Blind Blues
Poor Boy Blues Real Audio

Long Time Town Blues
Gulf Port Inland Blues

Blind Thomas Blues Part 1
Blind Thomas Blues Part 2 Real Audio

Wanda Russell's Blues
Going Away to Leave You

Lay My Burden Down Real Audio

Hill High Blues

You Gonna Need Someone On Your Bond Real Audio
Jesus Gonna Make Up My Dyin Bed

Banty Rooster Blues
Tom Rushin Blues

You Gonna Miss Me Real Audio

Wissen Schaetlich River Blues Part 1 & 2

Blind Thomas Blues Part 3 & 4

Zekian Swamp Blues
Nobody's Business

I Shall Not Be Moved

Weissman Blues
Dasein River Blues Real Audio

Racemic Tartrate River Blues

Old Country Rock
Little Hat Blues

Mississippi Swampers (DDD 15)

Some Summer Day No.2
Dark and Lonely Night Blues

Black Swamper's Blues Part 1 & 2

Green Blues
Stone Poney


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