The keen-eyed cineaste will be intrigued to note that the green-tinted cover of this album is plainly visible in a record shop window seen in the notorious movie "A Clockwork Orange" by the late Stanley Kubrick. Whether personally selected by Kubrick, whose eye for detail was well documented, must remain a matter of conjecture.
   ...the editors.

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Recorded MIT, Cambridge, MA and Berkeley, CA 1965

DDD 23 & 24

Beautiful Linda Getchell
[1:50] (Fahey-Smith)

Orinda-Moraga Real Audio

I Am The Resurrection

On The Sunny Side Of The Ocean

Tell Her To Come Back Home
[2:40] (Macon-Fahey)

My Station Will Be Changed After While

101 Is A Hard Road To Travel Real Audio
[2:17] (Macon-Fahey)

How Green Was My Valley

Bicycle Built For Two
[1:10] (Trad. Arranged by Fahey)

The Death Of The Clayton Peacock Real Audio

Brenda's Blues Real Audio

Old Southern Medley
[6:08] (Foster-Patton-Fahey-Emmett)

Come Back Baby
[2:20] (Country Paul)

Poor Boy
[2:25] (White-Fahey)

Saint Patrick's Hymn
[0:55] (Arranged and adapted by Fahey)

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