Following in the footsteps of the great explorers John Fahey came to Tasmania because it was there. With his first live album Fahey continues to make (and break) the rules of acoustic guitar. This is a fiery performance of virtuoso playing that subtly rearranges some of his more familiar work into an Australian context. Never has Waltzing Matilda sounded so sweet. Detractors have dismissed this album as a piece of ephemeral froth, yet its freshness, energy and originality prove otherwise.
Hobart Mercury.

Notes on the Songs

Original Liner Notes

Album Art

1981 Takoma 7089 (Chrysalis)

Introduction by Stefan Markvitch
On the Sunny Side of the Ocean
Tasmanian Two-Step


The Approaching of the Disco Void

Waltzing Matilda real audio

Fahey Establishes Rapport with the Tasmanians
A dissertation on "Obscurity" (spoken)
The Return of the Tasmanian Tiger
Funeral Song for Mississippi John Hurt


Steamboat Gwine 'Round de Bend

Indian-Pacific R.R. Blues

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